Thunderbirds are not quite go again, but a modern day version of Lady Penelope's famous pink Rolls-Royce FAB1 has been created for a great cause.
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The special Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase is being made available for hire for a year to help raise one million pounds ($1.5m) for Breast Cancer Care.

In addition to the FAB1 number plates, the Breast Cancer Care Rolls features pink-accented brollies, hand-stitched headrests with Breast Cancer Care pink ribbon logos, and a "blushing pink and creme light" leather interior.

There's no replication, though, of the full glass roof of the FAB1 driven by devoted chauffeur Parker.

The pink FAB1 Rolls was arguably the most iconic vehicle of the 1960s Thunderbirds puppet series created by Gerry Anderson and featuring the likes of the Thunderbird 1 rocket ship, Thunderbird 4 submarine and Thunderbird 5 space station.

Rolls Royce FAB1 interior