Toyota Camry Hybrid overtakes Prius in local sales

The Toyota Camry Hybrid has overtaken the Toyota Prius in local sales, as Toyota’s in-house battle of the hybrids ticks over 50,000 units.
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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has sold its 50,000th hybrid car in Australia – split between 42,000 Toyotas and 8500 Lexus models – with the Toyota Camry Hybrid now surpassing the original hybrid poster car, the Toyota Prius.

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While sales of the Camry Hybrid have reached 20,087 in the three years since the first-generation Australian-built sedan went on sale in early 2010, sales of the Prius – the car Toyota claims as the world's best-selling hybrid – have only hit 18,168 since its Australian introduction in 2001.

Now it its third generation, the Toyota Prius has been differentiated over recent years with the launch of the Prius C city car and Prius V people mover, with total sales of 2500 and 1191 units respectively.

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Toyota Australia's executive director of sales and marketing Matthew Callachor said Australian motorists now regard hybrid cars as a mainstream choice.

"Local customers bought more than 10,000 Toyota hybrids in a year for the first time [in 2012] – or almost five per cent of the company's total sales.”

In November last year, TMC celebrated the first time global hybrid sales reached the one million vehicle figure in a single year, while its cumulative total of hybrids sold is closing in on five million after marking 2.5 million back in 2010.