Honda will debut a new autonomous braking system later this year, joining ranks with some of Europe's safest manufacturers.
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Called City-Brake Active, the Honda system operates below 30km/h and will automatically apply the brakes if a collision is deemed imminent.

Relying on a laser radar installed in the upper part of the windscreen, City-Brake Active will identify if a high risk of collision exists and issue aural and visual warnings to drivers. If the driver takes no action to avoid the collision, the system will then take control of the vehicle’s braking.

Honda Jazz - 2

The system also prevents accidental throttle applications below 10km/h, when less than 4m behind a vehicle, by alerting the driver before restricting engine outputs.

Honda says the all-new third-generation Honda Jazz, which goes on sale in Japan later in the year, will debut the City-Brake Active system.

Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ford already employ autonomous braking systems on their vehicles, as does the Mazda 6 and Volkswagen Up!.