The designer of the third-generation Audi TT has provided a number of hints to the styling of the upcoming sports car.
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Head of Volkswagen Group design Walter de Silva told CarAdvice, the final design of the next-gen Audi TT has been officially signed off ahead of its launch in 2014.

De Silva revealed the third-generation compact sports car draws inspiration from the original, Peter Schreyer-penned TT and his own second-gen follow-up (below), while also introducing some fresh design elements.

“We have come back to some strong elements like the first, but at the same time we don’t lose the elegance of the second,” de Silva said.

“The first was too much, and the second was maybe too [little], and now we have done a combination.

“The car looks TT, 100 per cent, but in a different way. You will see.”

The design chief said the new TT would stand out from the existing Audi portfolio, yet maintain what he called an “iconic” signature style.

“The new one for me is better because we drove the personality, especially in the front [it] is really different to other Audis…

“From the side and from the rear it retains the character of TT.”

De Silva highlighted quality and attention to detail as key areas of improvement for the third-generation TT over the outgoing model.

The new Audi TT will add to the growing list of vehicles sharing the Volkswagen Group’s versatile MQB platform, joining the likes of the Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf Mk7 and Skoda Octavia.

The new chassis will be lighter and stiffer and feature a longer wheelbase, as Audi targets improved weight distribution and superior ride and handling.

The car’s lighter weight will also lead to improved fuel consumption from its entirely turbocharged petrol and diesel powertrain line-up.

Launched back in 2006, the second-generation Audi TT will be close to eight years old by the time it is replaced by the all-new model next year.