Mazda Australia is recalling more than 1500 Mazda 6 models after identifying a potential fault with the vehicles' electrical system.
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Part of a global safety recall of approximately 15,000 Mazda 6 models in direct response to two cars at dealerships catching fire – one locally and one in Europe – the 1531 Australian delivered Mazda 6s are at risk of carrying a potential fault with a component in the DC/DC convertor, located under the front passenger seat.

Mazda says the fault may cause overheating of the unit, with fire being a possible result.

While the DC/DC converter is linked to the vehicles’ electrical system, Mazda Australia’s Steve Maciver told CarAdvice, the defect is not specifically related to the Mazda 6’s capacitor-based i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system.

Mazda 6 i-ELOOP

Owners of the affected vehicles are being notified, with replacements of the DC/DC convertors to take place as soon as possible and at no cost. Mazda will also provide all affected Mazda 6 owners with alternative transport while the repair is being performed.

Mazda says there have been no reports of any injuries stemming from the fault and no reports of any customer cars catching fire.

Mazda Australia is encouraging owners with further enquiries to contact Mazda Customer Support on 1800 034 411 for assistance.

So far in 2013, the mid-size Mazda 6 has been the second highest selling car in its segment, with 1497 units sold, trailing only the Toyota Camry with 2016 units.