Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific (MBAuP) has today announced it will be donating an initial sum of $107,000 to the Victorian Bushfire Fund.
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A sum of $100,000 will be made by MBAuP immediately with the company's board of seven directors each personally donating $1,000.

The President and CEO of MBAuP, Mr Wolfgang D Schrempp, said: “The MBAuP Board, as well as our employees and our dealer partners, are shocked by the severity of these fires and our thoughts and support are with the entire Victorian community as we all respond to these tragic events. We strongly encourage all Australian companies, automotive and otherwise, to join all Australians in supporting those in need during this important time.”

Activities are currently underway for the company's 1000-strong staff to amass a collective team-based donation, supplementing the $107,000 already committed.

Should you be able to donate any money at all to the fund, please do so by clicking here. All donations over $2 are tax deductable.