Toyota Australia sales record

For those of you who don't know, Toyota sell more cars than any other car company in Australia. Yes that includes Australia's own Holden. Although I don't tend to give much credit to Toyota, due to their boring, out dated, gutless cars, I can't help but to take notice of the number of cars they are able to sell here in Australia.
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Toyota sold 18,310 vehicles last month, beating its previous May record set last year by 8.7 per cent or 1469 vehicles. Toyota’s nearest competitor (GM Holden) lagged by 6298 sales in May, selling just 12,012 vehicles for the month. The third-placed rival (Ford) managed 11,145 sales – a gap of 7,165 vehicles.Toyota also celebrated record sales for the first five months of the year with a total of 82,227 vehicles – more than 35 per cent ahead of its nearest competitor and almost 70 per cent above those of the third-placed rival.

Woah! 18,310 cars compared to Holden's 12012? Not bad! How do they do it? Well, Toyota Australia relies heavily on the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry to keep that figure. The Corolla has always been either the number 1 best selling car in Australia or trailing the Holden Commodore very closely in number 2. The reason? It is a reliable, economical and is available at the right price (starting at just under $20,000), and at the right time. Given the high fuel prices its the perfect car for many Australian families.

The traditional approach to big V6 family cars is starting to change with more and more Australians asking themselves why they should buy a Ford Falcon or a Holden Commodore. A little while ago I posted an article regarding the depreciation of Australian cars and with the Commodore and Falcon falling the most, Toyota's success should come at no surprise!

Currently Toyota Australia has a national market share of 21.3% and leads in almost all segments that it chooses to compete in. The reputation of Toyota as a reliable and affordablel car, plus their innovation and implementation of Hybrid technology has given Toyota Australia an excellent brand image that is now reaping the benefits.

I am looking forward to the Toyota Racing & Development (TRD) version of the Toyota Camry with its Supercharger, although as I have mentioned before, a front wheel drive supercharged car can't be that great, but it will do good for the Toyota image as they have lost their sportyness over the last few years with no Celica or MR2 to sell.