The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been updated with two new additions to tempt 4x4 fans into exploring their limits.
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More than doubling the fuel capacity, and range, of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a new 87-litre sub-tank. Joining the existing 72-litre main tank, the extra reserve sees total fuel capacity reach 159 litres, allowing for a range of almost 1400km based on the FJ Cruiser’s 11.4 litres per 100km combined cycle fuel economy rating.

Adding to the 4x4 ability of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a new off-road cruise control system dubbed ‘Crawl’.

Crawl allows for ‘feet-off’ control over severe or slippery terrain and when freeing a stuck vehicle, as well as when traversing up and down steep hills or through mud, sand, gravel or water. By engaging L4 (low-range) – and temporarily disengaging at speeds above 25km/h, or above 10km/h when the rear differential is locked – Crawl automatically maintains a low uniform vehicle speed uphill and downhill by controlling both engine output and brake pressure, allowing drivers to solely concentrate on steering.

To engage the system the vehicle must be stopped with the foot brake on and parking brake off, transfer gear position in L4 and shift lever in any position except Park or Neutral, the car’s vehicle stability control system set to Normal, the second-gear start system switched off and all doors closed. A speed-selector dial on the overhead console then provides the choice of five speeds.

The part-time 4x4 Toyota FJ Cruiser is powered by a 200kW/380Nm 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine and five-speed automatic transmission, and is only available as a single specification model priced from $47,990, which includes $210 services under Toyota’s Service Advantage capped-price servicing program.