Official pictures and details have been released of the Lamborghini Veneno – the company's fastest supercar and its most exclusive with just three to built.
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Lamborghini says three customers have already agreed to pay the three million Euro plus taxes to get the keys to a car that helps mark the company's 50th anniversary and will accelerate from standstill to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds, a 10th faster than the Aventador on which the Veneno is largely based.

The Lamborghini Veneno – which would cost about $6m if it were to be sold in Australia – uses the Aventador's carbonfibre monocoque construction, pushrod suspension and drivetrain, but with some notable changes to make it what the company calls a "street legal racing prototype".

The 6.5-litre V12 benefits from more air being fed via enlarged air intakes, a revised exhaust system and a higher rev limit, increasing power to 552kW that's distributed to all four wheels via a sequential gearbox.

The Veneno's radical front end is designed to act like a large wing, channeling perfect airflow and generating optimum downforce.

Aerodynamics are further optimised with a smooth underbody that runs into a rear diffuser that sits below a huge adjustable rear wing that ensure the rear end of the Veneno matches the front for visual drama.

The aero-enhanced bodywork helps the Veneno, which weighs 125kg less than the Aventador, reach a top speed of 355km/h.

The Lamborghini Veneno rolls on large wheels that are 20 inches in size up front and 21 inches at the rear. The wheels feature carbon fibre rings that act like turbines to help cool the supercar's carbon-ceramic brakes.

Lamborghini says the show car painted in grey will feature at this week's 2013 Geneva motor show will become a test model, with the three customer cars each painted in the colours of the Italian flag: green, white and red.

The Veneno sticks to Lamborghini tradition, named after a fighting bull that was renowned for its speed.