Red-light leeway proposed for Nebraska motorcyclists

Officials in Nebraska are considering a law that would allow motorcyclists to run a red light after being stopped at an intersection for two minutes.
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Local news agency 10 11 Now reports Senator Paul Schumacher raised the issue with Nebraska’s Transport and Telecommunications Committee last week, contending that traffic sensors often fail to recognise motorcyclists, potentially leaving them sitting at red lights for minutes on end.

Advocates of the rule change say it will encourage riders not to break the law and save them from being stuck at a set of lights for long periods, particularly in poor weather conditions.

The Nebraska Sheriffs’ Association and the City of Lincoln both oppose the law, however, insisting the two-minute law would be almost impossible to enforce.

A number of other US states have introduced similar laws over the past decade, including Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee.

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