The Hyundai Santa Fe is now available with an all-new heavy duty load assist kit that sees the maximum down ball rate improve from 120kg to 150kg.
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The new Hyundai Santa Fe tow kit, consisting of two new heavy duty rear springs, betters the standard tow kit’s 120kg maximum down ball rating. The maximum braked towing capacity remains at 2000kg for automatic models and 2500kgs for manual models.

Costing $722.50 plus fitting for the full tow kit, which includes a towbar, towball and trailer wiring harness, Hyundai says fitment won’t affect the car’s existing comfort, ride and handling performance.

Hyundai Santa Fe - 2

The new springs are also individually available for installation on vehicles already fitted with the standard kit for $187.00 plus fitting for owners wanting to upgrade.

The kit from Hyundai matches an identical package offered by Korean sister brand Kia on the recently updated Kia Sorento SUV.