Ford Escape & Mazda Tribute ABS Recall

Update: Ford Australia has confirmed this Recall does not affect Australian delivered cars.Ford in the US is today recalling 527,000 Escape SUVs due to a problem with the ABS (antilock braking system) which could potentially cause fires. The recall is for escapes delivered in 2001-2004 to the US and Europe, there is a good chance it will also affect Ford Escapes in Australia, but no official word from Ford Australia yet.
Ford Escape ABS Recall
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Of course the Mazda Tribute (being pretty much the same car as the Escape) is also affected by the recall. The problem is due to a missing or incorrectly installed wiring harness seals on the Escape's antilock brake connector, if the problem presents itself it could allow water and other contaminates such as brake fluid or road salt to enter the ABS connector causing corrosion.

The corrosion, could potentially :

"lead to an illuminated ABS warning indicator, an open fuse, and in some rare instances smoking, melting or burning of the electrical ABS connector," Ford said.

We will be waiting patiently to see if Ford Australia makes a similar recall in the next few days.