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When we previously mentioned the Victorian Police force got their hands on Chrysler’s 300C, the Victorian police media unit got a little annoyed as we tried to link the revenue raised from speeding tickets as the funding source for their 300C. So the propaganda unit has been working hard, and they’ve come out with this :

These Holden VE SS Commodores are named, SMART cars (Special Mobile Anti-Road Toll) and their aim is to be so visiable that you can’t help yourself but to obey the law.

Now Victoria police informed us that all revenue raised from infringement notices goes into road improvements and road safety.
Victorian Police Force Holden VE SS Commodore

If we sit down and think quietly for a few minutes, it becomes obvious that road safety, at least the kind that Victoria police knows of, involves more speed cameras and more patrol cars.

Dear Victorian motorists, you have paid for these cars, which will no nothing but raise more revenue.

Victorian Police Force Holden VE SS Commodore

Some of the SS Commodores are fitted with mobile data devices which allow police to access information including driver license details and persons of interest data. They also feature a range of modern technology to accommodate secure digital radios and mobile radar equipment.

Victorian Police Force Holden VE SS Commodore

As one of our readers pointed out in our Easter Road Toll article, driver attitude change starts with education. For all there expertise on law enforcement Police are not experts on Human behavior and as such know nothing about modifying people’s behavior.