The new Audi TT

Finally! We are getting a new Audi TT. The old one looked so amazing that Audi have been selling them (with minor updates) since 1999. Current Australian prices range from $64,000 for the S line coupe to $95,000 for the Quattro Coupe with a power range of 120KW to 184KW respectively. The new model doesn't seem to have much of a change powerwise, but then again the TT was never about straight line speed and raw power, it was more about the look and handling. Specifications for the new beast:
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- Body using innovative ASF principle incorporating aluminium and steel- Dimensions: L 164.5”, W 72.5”, H 53.2”, wheelbase 97.2”- Electrically retractable rear spoiler- 2.0 Litre Turbo developing 200 hp- 3.2 Litre V6 developing 250 hp with Quattro all-wheel drive- Manual six-speed gearbox and six-speed S tronic- Audi dynamic suspension with transverse-link front suspension and four-link rear suspension- Speed-dependent power steering as standard- High-performance brake system with ESP with sports settings- Innovative Audi magnetic ride damping system as option- New generation of steering wheels; flat-bottomed leather sports steering wheel as standard
Audi TT Interior

So its gotten fatter, longer and slightly taller than the current model. This seems to be the trend with some sports cars (the Subaru WRX being a good example), they first come out nice, small and compact then start having a mid life crisis and starting getting bigger.

So how fast does it go? For the 2.0 L turbo engine (which has gotten the Engine of the Year award from a panel of experts two years in a row now) you get to 100km/hr in a little over 6 seconds. Which isn't bad given its just a tad slower than what you get in a Stock WRX . The 3.2 Litre V6 gets you to a 100 in 5.7 seconds!

The most interesting thing about the new Audi is the S Tronic transmission. Weird name I know, but it is a dual-clutch system which can change gears (in automatic) in 0.2 of a second, and in manual mode the driver can change gears by using the shift paddels on the steering wheel! Similar to a Formula 1 car.

The only main problem I have always had with the TT is its a front wheel drive drive train (the non Quattro versions). If you are going to buy one, buy the AWD Quattro, because thats the real Audi TT sports car. Nevertheless, you can forgive the Audi TT for being a front wheel drive when you look at the interior!