Peugeot will release its 207CC and unveil its 308CC at this year's Melbourne International Motor Show which runs from 27 February to 9 March at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
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Due to go on sale in Australia later this year, the 308CC promises to be a unique and attractive offer for enthusiasts of lifestyle motoring.

With four full-size seats, the 308CC features a warm air system in the front seats, which acts as a scarf by diffusing warm air around the occupant's shoulders and neck, adjustable for temperature, flow and direction.


Peugeot pioneered the concept of folding roof cars way back in the 1930s with its elegant 401, 601 and 402 "Eclipse" models, and it revived the concept for the 21st century with the hugely popular 206CC.

The 308CC is the latest of the Peugeot coupé cabriolets which have led the trend away from soft-tops to the comfort and security of metal folding roofs in affordable four-seat convertibles.


It is scheduled for a mid-year launch on the Australian market to replace the successful 307CC and complete the 308 range of hatches and Touring wagons.