New BMW Z8

We never did get the OLD BMW Z8 here in Australia, mainly because BMW didn't think it was worth making it in right hand drive and most importantly, because we are Australia and we only ever seem to get the mainstream cars. Oh well, does anyone think we will get the new one? I sure hope so! At least, one of them? Please? Well don't expect it anytime soon, because it hasn't even been made yet! According to a German Motoring Magazine (Autobild), This is what it will look like:
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Not bad? Kinda like a Z4 but a lot angrier. Apparently it will be ready for a proper global release in 2010, with a good possibility that it will be made in right hand drive. It is targeted at the Mercedes Benz SL class of cars. It will weigh around 1.5 tonnes and be powered by a range of engines:

A 3.0L turbo I6 with 306 hp, a 4.4L V8 turbo with 408 hp, the lauded 5.0L V10 with 507 HP and possibly a 6.3L V12 turbo making 605 hp.

Hmm bring it on! For more pictures (and lots of German) click to visit AutoBild