The Stig - revealed!

The world’s best kept secret is apparently out. Some say that his tears are adhesive and if he caught fire he would burn for 1000 days. All we know is he is called The Stig.
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But you’ll have to put on your detective caps and piece the clues together to figure out the name of television’s biggest mystery.
Infamous tabloid News of the World has apparently ‘unmasked’ The Stig, the helmeted enigmatic character who drives everything from trucks to reasonably priced cars, usually at record speeds, on BBC’s Top Gear.

Some say his skin is the texture of a dolphin’s and that he has his own satellites. However in unexpected form, NOTW isn’t about to crush everyone’s dreams and is keeping the true identity of the white-clad speed demon under wraps.

What the newspaper has published is: “He learnt his trade in Formula First, GT Racing and Stock Cars and almost made the grade as a Formula One driver despite his first track outing as a youngster being “terrifying”. Now in his 30s, he earns around $325,000 a year combining his TGUK job and some stunt and test driving. He is married, lives in a $650,000 home and drives a $32,000 car!"


NOTW has published a mock-up picture on its website revealing The Stig’s eyes behind that famous helmet, but that is as far as they will go.

Despite claiming a senior BBC source has confirmed the newspaper’s suspicions; the newspaper has “no intention of wrecking the great mystery for Top Gear’s millions of fans”.

So we are all left wondering.