Fiat 500 latest recruit to NSW Police

New South Wales Police have adopted a Fiat 500 in to the force with what is possibly Australia’s smallest yet most visible police car.
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The baby Fiat is now doing the rounds with Sydney’s Leichhardt Police Station.

“When it comes to visibility, the Fiat 500 has proven to be an exceptional car, attracting attention and interest like no other car we have used,” said Superintendent Wayne Cox, the Leichhardt Local Area Commander. “With its primary role as providing a talking point from which we can discuss road safety and break down any barriers that may exist, the Bambino Police Car has attracted interest from all areas and all age groups.”
“Despite being marked up as a police vehicle, we don’t use the Fiat for normal police work,” said Supt Cox. “The Fiat is used for community policing, it’s a great way of building rapport between young people and police and certainly helps us get our safe driving messages through to car enthusiasts. The Fiat frees up normal police cars so they can be out on the roads, not only helping to save lives but also helping to fight crime.”

Interestingly as Australia’s most economical car, the Fiat 500 JTD police car is also saving the force some money.

“We are delighted to be able to assist Australian police forces with the provision of cars for their road safety and crime prevention work,” says Andrei Zaitzev, General Manager for Fiat in Australia. “We see this as practical and highly cost effective way that we can play our role in a safer community for everyone. Our cars assist the police in making contact with a wide range of people so they can discuss and offer help with road safety and crime prevention, as well as providing the practical assistance of transport. We believe that this is a very positive role that we can play in the community.”