Lamborghini Gallardo Privilegio

Its not very often you see a nice Lamborghini in Australia, however with the introduction of the Gallardo (pronounced Gay-ardo) last year, the street presence of Lambos has increased quite a lot! I guess given that the Gallardo is a beauty of a car... costing around $450,000 brand new (as low as $300,000 for second hand one) more people are deciding to pick it over a Ferrari or say, an Astin Martin. So Lamborghini have decided to bring out a new, limited edition, Gallardo - Privilegio, I don't know what that means (though a 2 min research says it means something along the lines of advantage).
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In order to demonstrate the wide range of interior and exterior customisation options that are currently available for their models, Automobili Lamborghini are to present the new Gallardo Privilegio

Firstly, what is a limited edition Gallardo anyway? I mean, if you own a Gallardo, I think you can be safe to say that it is pretty limited as it is - for 450,000 you'd hope so. Nevertheless, only 150 of the new Gallardo Privilegio will ever be made and they are available in the most fantastic colour - polished black. Costing (apparently) 20% more than the standard Gallardo, the Privilegio should cost around .. $540,000 - Damn! But just look at it! It is absolutely beautiful. Will we see them in Australia? It all depends on who is willing to spend half a million dollars on a car.

Building on these two base colours will be a a series of visually distinctive matt-black finished exterior parts: outer shell casings of the side mirrors, rear spoiler, upper side panels and the slatted air vents they lead into, the roof (along with extra section at the back) and the outer sections on each side of the front bonnet which rake inwards towards the windscreen. Adding to the overall effect will be further matt-black finished parts including Callisto alloy wheels and similar finished rear lower spoiler covers. Completing the external changes will be darker rear tail lights while the Callisto rims will feature the CI logo - and providing a final a contrast - silver brake calipers will be fitted all round.The interior gets a similar upgraded treatment and will feature: Bicolour Sportive Nero Perseus and Bianco Polar; interior Q-citura; exclusive 'Leather Package II' in Bianco Polar; white piping on seats, white stitching on steering wheel; white instrument bezels; central sections of the seats, inner door panels, parts behind seats with Q-citura; Nero Perseus stitching (also on white parts); Alcantara roof liner in black with Q-citura; Branding Package; Travel Package and a dedicated Privilegio label.

So you might be thinking what do you get with $500,000 car? Well without any options :

Standard equipment will include satellite navigation; rear view camera; onboard computer; anti-theft system; comfort package and a dedicated Car Cover.

So pretty much, what you'd get in a Toyota Camry. I love the fact that they give you a dedicated car cover! For more information and pictures click here