We finally have official word of the Hummer H3. When we had the opportunity to sit inside the H3 at the Brisbane International Motorshow, we were more than disappointed. The interior felt less spacious than a Lotus Elise, while the plastic trim put the final nail in the coffin. Just look at this interior:
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Hummer H3 Interior

Nonetheless, its a Hummer, so it wouldn't really matter what it was powered with or if the car was made out of used Hyundai parts from the 80s. People would still buy it, and buy it they have, with over 150 orders already taken for the Hummer H3 since its debut at the Brisbane International Motorshow. Infact GM plans to sell 750 Hummers this year and 1400 to 1500 next year! More giant SUVs on our roads.

The Hummer H3 sold in Australian will come with the 3.7 litre in-line five-cylinder engine (180kW of power and 320Nm of torque). This will be linked up to a choice of a five-speed manual or electronic four-speed automatic transmission. As mentioned earlier, this power to weight distribution is the equivalent to a miniature pony pulling Kim Beazly up a hill.

2007 Hummer H3 Australia

Also as mentioned yesterday the Americans are going to get the Hummer H3 Alpha, which is powered by a more potent V8 engine which delivers 220kW and 430Nm. So far GM has no plans to bring the H3 Alpha down under, but given the relatively good start for the H3, you never know!

The Hummer H3 right hand drive models are built in South Africa and start at $51,990 for a manual and $53,990 for automatic. The base models include such features as traction control, ABS & stability control as standard.

Hummer H3 Alpha

For those few who really think they will take their hummer off-road (think again) there is an option to go all out and get the H3 Adventure for $57,990 for the manual and $59,990 for the auto. The upgrade includes fully locking electronic rear differential and rugged suspension.

At the top of the range, there is always the choice to get the Hummer H3 you really want, the H3 Luxury. This is the blinged out American version with chrome trimmed exterior and leather interior. It will set you back a good $59,990 (auto only).