2009 BMW X6 xDrive50i first images

While Alborz has already driven the new BMW X6 xDrive35i which boasts a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine - an even more potent model is set to make its local debut in the coming weeks.
2008 BMW X6 xDrive50i first images
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The flagship xDrive50i variant combines the surprisingly capable agility of the X6 Sports Activity Coupe with a brand new, technically advanced 300kW twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine.

With a mountainous 600Nm on tap from the 4.4-litre V8 unit available at just 1,750rpm, it is poised to become the most powerful engine yet seen in a BMW X model.

2008 BMW X6 xDrive50i first images

It has also become the world’s first eight-cylinder petrol engine with the turbocharger and catalytic converters housed in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders, resulting in much more compact dimensions and also cuts pressure losses on the intake and exhaust side.

2008 BMW X6 xDrive50i first images

Its claim to fame continues, outperforming ULEV II and EU5 emission standards despite its performance, making it the most efficient engine in its class.

Coupled with BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive technology, standard on all X6 models, it is the first vehicle in the world to offer Dynamic Performance Control for unique agility, tracking stability, precision and traction in all conditions.

2008 BMW X6 xDrive50i first images

This is evident in its performance figures, where X6 xDrive50i accelerates to 100 km/h from a standstill in just 5.4 seconds yet uses only 12.5-litres of fuel per 100 km on the EU cycle.

CarAdvice will bring you a road test of the new BMW X6 xDrive50i in the near future.