Over the summer, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One team driver Nico Rosberg challenged some of the world's best sportsmen to beat his time set in a proper F1 simulator before doing it for real around the famous Monza racetrack in Italy.
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Rosberg set the pace with a lap time of 1:21.05 and was blown away by international football star Sergio Aguero’s time of 1:22.58, which put him at the top of the challenger board.

As a result, Aguero was brought to Donington Park Racing Circuit in the UK where he was given a driving lesson by Rosberg before being let loose in a race-tuned Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

He subsequently set impressive lap times only to be upstaged by Rosberg, who gave Aguero the ride of his life in a full-blown Mercedes DTM racer.

The Argentinian football star said at the end of the day, “I was very happy to win the Puma Race Off challenge and prove how fast I am in an F1 simulator, and today I showed Nico Rosberg how fast I can be on a real track.”

Rosberg, while equally impressed by Aguero’s performance, was determined to confirm his position at the top of the pecking order.

“Sergio sure knows how to drive. He’s a great guy but I didn’t want him getting too cocky so I enjoyed showing him what I could do in the Mercedes AMG DTM car. Now he knows what real racing is all about!”