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Mitsubishi Evolution X King Of The Mountain - Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious

Alborz Fallah
Tristan Schoonens

For those of you that have settled into the reality that Australia has no real driving roads, I am here to shatter your illusion.



I've been meaning to do a story on Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious for some time, but I'd been waiting for the right car. My own car, a 'slightly' modified Subaru tends to live up the mountain (its only real use apart from the track) and those that know me well, know that I know that mountain like the Stig knows the Top Gear track.





So then, calls were made, people were informed and a few days later, three STIs, one Evo IX and yours truly, in a Mitsubishi Australia Evo X headed towards the gates to driving heaven.



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The countless crosses and memorials on the roadside serve as a constant reminder that many individuals (admittedly mostly motorcycle riders) have died here over the years and thousands more have crashed.



As we headed up Mt Nebo I decided to take the lead, this allowed me to get to know the car and try to find its limits.



From here you can be forgiven for thinking you're in a special rally stage, the road is simply superb. If you've ever wanted a road to test your brakes and your driving skill, there is no better place than here.



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Now, the reason I decided to write this story. The Mitsubishi. You see there are some cars that are made for such roads and there are some cars that wish they were made for these roads.


There are so few cars that have actually made their way up this glorious road with grace and maintained their dignity throughout the near 60 kilometre drive.





Perhaps its closest contender is Mitsubishi's traditional nemesis, the STI, but even that fails to inspire the confidence that the Evolution exudes.






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It becomes a game of chicken between man and machine.









  1. Check your tyres and tyre pressure. Dropping the pressure down a few psi can give you a bit more grip around the tight corners.
  2. Check your fluids the morning you're heading off, the car will be under extreme pressure and having no oil or coolant can result in over-heating issues.
  3. Check your brakes, if they don't feel right, get them replaced before you head off.
  4. If you experience brake fade, don't keep going, pull over. Most accidents occur due to brake fade and inability to slow down before tight corners.
  5. Take it slow if you've never been up there, it's quite challenging. I recommend you go alone the first time so you can drive at your own pace.
  6. If you're driving anything but an All-Wheel-Drive, take it very slow the first few times.
  7. I don't recommend this drive for big family cars.
  8. Pull over to let faster cars pass. Don't try and keep up or race others, this is a recipe for disaster.
  9. Don't annoy the men in blue, they will make you pay for it.
  10. If you're driving a Toyota TRD Aurion, make sure you've said your goodbyes and completed your will kit before heading off!

Take it very slow if you don't know the road