BMW M3 Four-Door Sedan

News Corp reports that BMW are set to bring out a Four Door M3 Sedan. Perhaps due to constant demand by customers, BMW have been forced to give in to demands and go ahead with a BMW M3 ... four door.
Arjeplog BMW
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The guys at News Corp were invited to BMW's winter test facility near the Arctic Circle where they found the M3 Sedan.. badly disguised (there are no available photos yet - the car above is of another 3 series at Arjeplog Testing Centre where the M3 four-door sedan has been spotted).

BMW M3 Four-Door Sedan

Since the new BMW M3 will be powered by a V8 (engine details) it makes sense that if your going to break one rule, you might as well break them all. The new M3 is going to have to outdo the Audi RS4.. and to start with, there needs to be more doors. News Corp reports that the M3 sedan did not have the outlandish power dome bonnet that that appear on the M3 coupe.

Other cars there appeared at the testing centre included the new 7-series saloons which were covered up pretty well. However reports suggest that the so-called "Bangle butt" (named after the designer) of the 7 series will give way to smoother lines and round, as well as bulls-eye style taillights of the 6-series.

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