Nearly 3000 Nissan Dualis and Dualis+2 vehicles have been recalled due to a fault with the steering wheel boss that could potentially result in a loss of steering in the compact SUV.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) official recall notice published on its website, the 2712 J10 Nissan Dualis models built between 27 February 2012 and 16 May 2012, are at risk of losing their steering as a result of having the steering wheel boss – which connects to the steering column – separate from the steering column because of not having the appropriate strength.

Nissan Dualis - 1

Nissan Australia says no incidents have been reported, with owners recommended to contact their nearest Nissan dealer to arrange an inspection of the steering wheel boss, where a batch number located on the casting will confirm if replacement is required.

Nissan Dualis - 3

The Nissan Dualis recall comes at the same time as 8136 Nissan X-Trail vehicles have also been recalled with a potential fire hazard.