The New BMW X5

As if all the shots of the new (and still ugly) Holden Commodore were not enough, now we are seeing spy shots of the next BMW X5. Okay, so they are from the States, but thats besides the point, the new X5 will be coming to Australia as you see here. Is it any better? Thats the wrong question to ask because it was never any good to begin with! I would love to know anyone who actually owns a X5 to send me one good reason why you really need a X5. Why a BMW 3 or 5 series is not good enough. X5s are not ofroad vehicles. Sure they have 4WD and all the gizmo, but they are really made to be driven in the city by people who generally tend not to be able to drive - usually the wife of a Porche owner. Anyway, you can find more photos over at Wheels24
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