Hyundai has signed a joint development agreement with global semiconductor leader Broadcom that will allow new features such as surround view parking and lane departure warning to be included in its next-generation vehicles.
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The collaboration will integrate infotainment, telematics and advanced driver assistance programs into new Hyundai vehicles.

The technology is based on Broadcom’s proprietary BroadR-Reach Ethernet technology, delivering a single high-bandwidth in-vehicle network that will mean affordable, lightweight 100Mbps connectivity in the vehicle.

The Ethernet technology also supports IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging standard, which is a key piece of technology for the delivery of high quality audio and video streaming.

Hyundai infotainment design division leader Sunjai Lee is positive the partnership with Broadcom will deliver significant advances in future Hyundai vehicles.

“Hyundai is confident about the viability of Ethernet in the car and looks forward to closely collaborating with Broadcom to develop an Ethernet network for Hyundai vehicles," Lee said.

"The in-vehicle Ethernet network will enable key features including infotainment, lane departure warning, park assist and telematics to deliver greater value to our customers. We chose to partner with Broadcom as they deliver superior Ethernet-based innovation to enrich the driver and passenger experience.”