Volkswagen offers capped-price servicing for Up!

Volkswagen is offering capped-price servicing on the Volkswagen Up! in response to a perception that Volkswagens are expensive to service, according to Volkswagen Australia CEO, Unke Koeckler.
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“Sometimes it’s all about the perception and unfortunately the perception is a reality, so we have to make sure that we convince our customers that we are not that expensive.”

For now, the capped-price servicing covers the Up! for it’s 15,000km service schedules up to 90,000kms or 72 months, but again it’s only for the Volkswagen Up! model at this stage.

“For the time being we are just starting with the Up!, but we are looking into the other products as well”, said Koeckler.

Importantly, Volkswagen says that they are not subsidising anything in the capped-price servicing. “ These are our true costs, but we want to make sure that we remain transparent with our customers. In the end, it’s all about the transparency that customers experience in sales and especially servicing.”