The words Porsche and Cheap don't usually mix that well. Admittedly you can buy an old Porsche for less than $10,000, however you will be up for repairs within a very short time. Nonetheless, you can now, legally, buy a brand new Porsche for less than $100,000.
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Previously the Porsche Boxter was the cheapest Porsche in Australia, starting at $108,000. Times have changed, and the new Porsche Cayenne V6 is available from only $94,700. Porsche admits that this is the first Porsche under $100,000 for roughly 20 years.

The V6 Cayenne will accompany bigger brothers Cayenne S ($134,500) and the supercar-in-disguise, Cayenne Turbo ($215,200). The V6 Cayenne, is powered by a 213kW V8 and weighs 2160kg. To give you some perspective as to why the more expensive brothers demand more respect, the Cayenne S has 283kW of power and the Turbo has 368kW (and 700Nm of torque). 368kW of power will catapult a big 2 tonne SUV to 100km/h faster than the best on offer from HSV/FPV.

Porsche Cayenne V6

But just how fast is this new V6 powered Cayenne? Porsche, surprisingly, is willing to admit that the V6 Cayenne is slower than the standard VE Commodore with a 0-100 time of 8.5 seconds, the V6 Cayenne takes the cake as the slowest Porsche ever made. Holden fans can rejoice knowing that their Commodore can now officially beat a Cayenne of the lights.

There was a time when Porsche was not willing to put its name to anything which didn't represent its sporty heritage, its undisputed relentlessness to pursue perfection and motoring excellence. Of course, that was prior to Porsche nearly going bankrupt. Purity is good, but the reality requires Porsche to sell cars to make money. Porsche have made this V6 Cayenne look almost identical to the Cayenne S. To help increase sales.

"We're not interested in setting sales records. We want to remain an exclusive brand and maintain resale value which leads to buyers coming back." Porsche press relations manager Paul Ellis

Obviously, Porsche are aware of the problem that a cheap and slow Porsche would create, so there is still some attempt at keeping the image as clean as possible, with supply of the V6 being artificially controlled to less than 30 per cent of all Cayenne sales, (which would make roughly 150 a year). Porsche expects the Cayenne S to sell about 50 per cent or 220 and Cayenne Turbo to sell 20 per cent or 90.

Porsche Cayenne V6

The V6 Porsche Cayenne is now available on sale from $94,700. Of course if the badge isn't important, you can always opt out for essentially the same car, the Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI for $20,000 less. At least that way, you won't be the owner of the world's slowest Porsche.