Mercedes-Benz designs Granturismo yacht

Designs for a Mercedes-Benz styled yacht have been revealed to the cashed-up attendees of the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show.
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Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Silver Arrows Marine to create a 14-metre-long seafaring Granturismo motor yacht that is said to combine design elements of the luxury German car maker’s automobiles with innovations never before seen in the boat industry.

Mercedes-Benz says the designs for the luxury vessel show a “progressive and emotionally appealing yacht featuring the passionate design language of Mercedes-Benz”.

Mercedes-Benz Yacht Design - 3

For parent company Daimler, the yacht also means its vision of all-encompassing mobility – for the significantly wealthy – is a step closer, with Mercedes-Benz vehicles covering transport on land and the Eurocopter EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style covering the air.

Referred to as the ‘Silver Arrow of the seas’, the high-end yacht is due to make a splash when it hits the market in 2013 after being built by UK-registered boat-building company Silver Arrows Marine.

The Mercedes-Benz Style team has been involved in the aquatic project from the outset, working together with Silver Arrows Marine on layout, use of space, exterior shape and interior materials and colour combinations to offer a level of comfort and luxury equal to the Mercedes-Benz name.

Mercedes-Benz Yacht Design - 4

Head of design for Mercedes-Benz cars Gorden Wagener said giving shape to a boat was an exciting challenge for the automotive designers.

“Our task was to explore how to apply the Mercedes-Benz design language to the particular proportions and specific requirements of a boat,” Wagener said.

If Mercedes-Benz expanding into areas of style other than road vehicles makes your head spin, Merc has you covered - you can take a load off on one of their comfortable furniture pieces revealed earlier in the year.

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