In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, we've been inundated with one email asking us for more details on Toyota's new Landcruiser 70 Series (actually thats not true - we've had countless requests). So far our answer has been, we know nothing since Toyota's marketing department doesn't seem to think anyone wants to buy the 70 series! However roughly 15 minutes ago, Toyota went crazy and released some 30 pages of information.
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Firstly, we all knew that the new LandCruiser 70 series will come with Toyota's first V8 turbo-diesel engine and the series' first wagon variant. The updates to the new LandCruiser 70 Series also include structural and styling changes imposing a front end with a wider track, improved suspension and better steering feel.

All the new 70 series cars come with an engine immobiliser, CD player with MP3 compatibility and a new grille, headlamps, front fenders and front bumpers. All models are powered exclusively by the new 4.5-litre V8 turbo-diesel engine, featuring common-rail direct injection and an intercooler.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Specifications

The Turbo V8 (which is Euro IV-compliant), is a 32-valve and delivers 151kW of power at 3400rpm and torque of 430Nm is reached at just 1200rpm and held all the way to 3200rpm - the flattest torque curve among all of Toyota's engines. The new turbo-diesel V8 engine has 23.7 per cent more power and 13.1 per cent more torque than the previous six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

Talking transmission, the new car comes with a five-speed manual transmission with two-speed transfer case and a part-time 4WD system with manual free-wheeling front hubs.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Wagon

Toyota is dying to maintain its green image and with that respect the new car has a fuel economy of 11.5 litres/100km for Cab Chassis models (from 11.7) and 11.9 litres/100km for the new Wagon and Troop Carrier versions (from 12.0) when compared with the superseded turbo-diesel straight six.

The three body styles are

  1. Cab Chassis (LC79),
  2. Troop Carrier (LC78)
  3. and newly introduced Wagon (LC76).
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Specifications

The Cab Chassis model line-up is: Workmate, GX and GXL (which replaces RV grade). The three Troop Carrier models are Workmate three-seat, Workmate 11-seat and five-seat GXL. There are two new Wagon models: Workmate and GXL.
The new four-door Wagon, comes with two front bucket seats and a three-seat rear bench. The Troop Carrier offers three-seat or 11-seat Workmate grades or a five-seat GXL.

price list



Recommended Retail Price

Cab Chassis


$53,490 *


$55,490 *


$56,490 *



$53,990 *


$57,490 *

Troop Carrier


$59,990 *


$61,490 *


Air-conditioning (all models)


Diff Locks (all models)


Metallic paint (not Troop Carrier)


Delete options

Rear seats (Troop Carrier Workmate)


Sub tank (Cab Chassis Workmate)


Recommended retail prices for the range start at $53,490** for the Cab Chassis Workmate - an increase of just $1440 or 2.8 per cent over the previous entry-level six-cylinder Turbo Diesel.

"By consistently delivering reliability and durability, as well as legendary off-road and towing capabilities, the LandCruiser 70 Series has maintained a loyal following that is both unique and enduring," Toyota Australia's senior executive director sales and marketing, David Buttner"The foundations for the market leadership that Toyota enjoys today were laid by the first batch of two-door LandCruiser FJ25s that worked on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme in 1958. The highest-quality engineering values instilled in that period have permeated the company and rippled through the Toyota brand - in all its models and different variants - ever since." Mr Buttner said.

We've compiled the entirity of Toyota's press releases regarding the LandCruiser 70 series into Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Specifications PDF.