Team Hot Wheels sets new 'corkscrew' stunt record

The crazy lads from Team Hot Wheels have successfully set yet another world record, this time for the longest ever 'corkscrew' jump totalling 92 feet (28 metres).
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The full-scale Hot Wheels stunt was achieved at the team's test facility and saw driver Brent Fletcher leave one length of trademark orange track, launch into a mid-air ‘corkscrew’ spin and land successfully onto another length of orange track.


Back in July, Team Hot Wheels set a new Guinness World Record by completing the world’s biggest two-car loop stunt at the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles, California.

Drivers Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust hit 7g and over 80km/h as they went inverted through a 60-foot-high double vertical loop, a stunt inspired by the Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare track set.