Volkswagen Robust Pickup spied

While the new Volkswagen Robust may have already made its unofficial debut as the Search and Rescue 'Pickup' concept, engineers are still adding the final finishing touches to the production model before its release.
2010 Volkswagen Robust Pickup spied
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Despite the fact these spy images were captured in the US, industry insiders speculate that it won't be sold in the North American market - or perhaps even Europe.

Instead the new Robust - which should adopt a new name for its production debut, is expected to be sold in Latin American markets and in very low volume across Europe.

2010 Volkswagen Robust Pickup spied

This is supported by the fact that all production is anticipated to take place in Pacheco, Argentina rather than VW's local Hannover operations in Germany.

2010 Volkswagen Robust Pickup spied2010 Volkswagen Robust Pickup spied

Volkswagen is expected to make roughly 90,000 examples of the Robust annually, maintaining strong speculation that it will eventually be sold locally here in Australia.