Toyota Corolla packed with a lil' action?

Although for most of us the Toyota Corolla has always been viewed as a car without soul, a car which defines the idea of "A->B", Toyota has begun a new battle to change our perception.
2007 Toyota Corolla Ascent, Conquest, Levin SX Levin ZR & Ultima
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To do this, the Big T has started online, indirectly informing blogs (such as CarAdvice) to promote a series of new car ads that show the Corolla in a different light.

The ad in question is below:

Ninja Kittens, as it's called, is one of the more interesting car ads we've seen in some time. Whilst there has never been a doubt about the marketing genius behind Toyota, the problems have never been in the marketing department!

For us, Toyota can start by releasing a TRD variant, giving the Corolla some more sportiness in the form of a more powerful engine and more agressive styling, then of course there is the need for standard ESC etc. The list goes on.

What we like to know is whether or not this type of marketing will actually change your perception? And if not your perception, do you think it can change the way in which others view the Corolla?