New Golf scores five-star NCAP rating

The new series VI Volkswagen Golf has been awarded a maximum five-star rating by the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) crash test agency.
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This result matches the star rating achieved by the current Golf V however, the new Golf has received 36 out of a possible 37 points for occupant protection leading to its five-star award.

In the area of pedestrian safety, the new Golf scored an impressive 3 stars which along with occupant protection features including seven airbags, standard ESP, Brake Assist, ABS, whiplash reducing headrests, side impact protection and a stronger chassis structure than ever before, makes the new Golf the safest car is its category.

Furthermore, a new sensor concept for crash detection has been introduced with the Golf. The development of this so-called “crash impact sound sensing” system was awarded the innovation prize in Bavaria in May 2008.


Volkswagen has always been at the forefront of occupant safety. The Volkswagen 411, launched in 1968 featured front crumple zones and a passenger survival cell, a trait carried over to the Mk I Golf in 1974 while adding self-stabilising steering, rear crumple zones and fuel tank protection.

In 1987 the Golf II was fitted with ABS for the first time and in 1991 the Golf III introduced a collapsible steering column, side impact protection and traction control.

Volkswagen has sold over 26 million examples of the Golf since it was first released some 34 years ago.