BMW Driver Training dates for 2009

While we don't usually promote or advertise on the behalf of others within our blogs, driver training is something we at the CarAdvice office have a strong belief in, and as such, we would like to commend BMW Driver Training for offering their highly revered classes at four locations around Australia in 2009.
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The courses will be offered to owners of all makes and models - not just BMW - and to drivers holding over five years experience at Phillip Island in Victoria, Eastern Creek in New South Wales, Barbagallo in Western Australia and Queensland Raceway during the course of the year.


Over 1,200 participants passed the course last years under the watchful eyes of BMW Driver Training Chief Instructor, Geoff Brabham, and a similar number is expected for 2009.

Five levels of courses will continue to be offered, along with a special offer to P-platers, some of the most-at-risk drivers on our roads. The entry level course “Advanced I” will employ the use of the new generation BMW 325i Sedans, while the next level up, “Advanced II” uses the 325i Sedans and the M3 Coupé and M3 Sedans.


Higher level courses are also available for the most serious of driving enthusiasts. Course fees start at $545 for the Young Driver Course and $725 for the full day “Advanced I”. For further details click here.

The first of CarAdvice's own Driver Training articles & video will feature this coming weekend.