A California-based motorsport firm has released the Formula Cross YFC 450, the company's latest ATV-based rally kit kart for people with a penchant for adrenalin.
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With links to RMR Products - the company of drift/rally/racing celebrity Rhys Millen - Formula Cross isn’t about posing.

The US$7500 ($7100) kit turns the base 450cc four-stroke Yamaha YFZ450 ATV into a 280kg (wet) Formula Cross rally kart fun-machine.

Formula Cross YFC 450 - 6

With a wheelbase of 1854mm, a track width of 1041mm and measuring 1067mm high and 2972mm long, the tubular chassis fibreglass-bodied kart is a single-seat affair.

Featuring a Formula Cross rally wing, disc brakes with brake bias adjuster, sequential hand shift, built-in roll cage, adjustable ride height and a fibreglass racing seat with four-point harness, this little dirt weapon is far more than just a toy.

Owners will have two options with their YFC 450, either the BIY (build-it-yourself) route with detailed manual for “easy step-by-step installation” or pay the additional US$1350 ($1280) fee to have the kit car put together by the Formula Cross team at their headquarters, the latter giving you more time to practice your rally skills.

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