CarAdvice Fuel Card Giveaway

A few weeks back we announced a $50 Fuel Card give-away each month to the comment we felt most deserving. We were to base our decision on originality, relevance and possibly even humour.
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This month’s winner, for presenting a comment containing a helpful overview on his views of the new Nissan X-Trail is Trackdaze.

"I've driven the manual and it was a torque monster the engine was really good. Not the smoothest but it would pull really well from 1,500rpm onwards. The gearbox was a bit unconnected. The steering and chassis was a big turnoff. The steering was vague and it really only had under steer on offer. Ground clearance isn't really the issue more so it's the temporary plastic under tray at the front. And the exhaust wrapped under the rear suspension. Tip: Get to know your local exhaust fitter".

Trackdaze for your kind and helpful words you’ve scored yourself some free fuel. Simply click “Contact Us” with your details and we’ll pop it in the mail. Well done.

To be in the running for next month, simply leave a comment on any article published between the first and last day of November with an active email address (as directed - will not be published) and at the end of each month the winner’s comment will be decided.

As comments will be moderated, please ensure your views abide by our Code of Conduct. Good luck!