The Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo has been launched with a choice of exterior colours that includes a special matte-grey paint job that comes with its own manual and warnings to hand-wash only.
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Hyundai's ‘Young Gun’ paintwork is a $1000 option among a selection of 7 colours for the new turbocharged version of the company's distinctive, assymettrical hatch, which features a single door on one side but two on the other.

Buyers choosing the matte grey will receive a special paint care kit that will provide instructions for maintaining the unique paintwork.

For example, there is no traditional clear coat as with most other exterior automotive paints, but there is a sealant on top of the matte grey paint that provides some protection.

Hand washing is mandatory with soapy water and polishers and waxes are not recommended.

The matte grey colour option joins another premium paint option for the Veloster SR Turbo known as ‘Marmalade’ – a Chameleon colour that changes depending on what angle you view it at.

Although Hyundai is citing no official limits on available numbers for these two special colours, they are only produced in limited batches, so by definition, availability for these colours will be limited.

Hyundai also confirmed that a second and darker matte grey would be offered with the Veloster SR Turbo model later this year.

The optional paints are significantly cheaper than those offered by some rival car makers. Jaguar offers a matte black vinyl wrap for about $4000 and BMW offers a matte grey paint job for thousands more.

The Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo is priced from $31,990.

CarAdvice will publish a review of the Veloster Turbo tomorrow (8th August).