Tramontana XTR: wild two-seater goes one better

Spanish automaker Tramontana has released the first renderings of its next custom-built supercar, the Tramontana R-based Tramontana XTR.
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Employing the same Mercedes-Benz-sourced V12 5.5-litre bi-turbo powerplant as the R before it, the Tramontana XTR takes advantage of a boosted set-up that now sees 662kW of power and 978Nm of torque pumped through a competition-spec gearbox. This provides enough encouragement to shift the 1360kg XTR to three figures in 3.6 seconds on its way to a 344km/h top speed.

Tramontana XTR - 2

The two-seat Tramontana XTR, which positions the passenger directly behind the driver to keep a narrow cockpit-style cabin beneath its glass canopy, also receives some aerodynamic and chassis tweaks along with an entirely new front end incorporating new headlights and front spoiler, while the rear benefits from a different diffuser and a redesigned spoiler.

If you were hoping to have one in your Spanish home’s driveway, the Tramontana XTR will set you back $492,000 and is due near the end of year. Not a bad wait when you consider that currently, Tramontana only has the facilities to build about 12 cars a year.

Tramontana XTR - 3