SSC North America’s record-breaking Ultimate Aero is set to go out with a bang, with the Washington-based manufacturer confirming the final five SSC Ultimate Aero XT special edition models will feature the powertrain from the brand’s upcoming next-generation Tuatara hypercar.
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The unique 2013 Ultimate Aero XT special editions feature a 969kW/1361Nm version of the Tuatara’s 6.9-litre twin-turbocharged aluminium V8. The bossted powerplant helps shave 0.13 seconds off the standard Ultimate Aero’s 0-100km/h sprint time, with the XT stopping the clock at 2.65 seconds.

The Ultimate Aero XT swaps the standard car’s six-speed manual transmission for the Tuatara’s seven-speed paddle shift gearbox, and also adopts the new model’s cooling, fuel and braking systems.

SSC says the XT’s aggressive paint scheme will never be used again on any Ultimate Aero or Tuatara vehicles, ensuring the special five always stand out from the crowd.

The mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive two-seater features a carbonfibre/aluminium body and frame and forged one-piece alloy wheels, along with a number of comfort and convenience features including air conditioning, front air lift, and a 7.5-inch premium audio system with DVD player, satellite navigation and a rear-view camera.

Production of the SSC Ultimate Aero will conclude forever once the final five XTs leave the factory, allowing SSC to focus solely on the Tuatara, which has its sights set on overtaking the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to become the fastest production car in the world.

SSC says the 1007kW/1413Nm Tuatara will launch from 0-60mph (96.6km/h) in just 2.50 seconds and has a projected top speed of 276mph (444km/h), which would put it 13km/h clear of the Veyron Super Sport.