Speed Camera Set On Fire

Violence against Speed Camera's continues to grow with another one set on fire in the UK. The so called vandals had put a tyre around the unit and the camera was set on fire.
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“It’s a case of mindless vandalism again. Whether it’s someone with a grudge who has been caught or someone who just wants to take revenge against speed cameras, who knows? But, at the end of the day, that particular speed camera was put in that particular location for safety reasons." Hednesford Councillor Chris Collis said:He added: “

Over in the UK, Speed cameras are marked with big clear signs indicating their presence. However unlike Australia, the authorities in the UK seem to be a little fed up with the speed camera situation themselves:

"Some speed cameras do appear to have been put in locations to generate income but not that one, it’s for safety reasons, and to destroy it is ridiculous.” Mr Collis said.

Firefighter Steve Kenny, of Cannock Fire Station, said the speed camera equipment inside the unit was most likely destroyed but the structure would be fine after being re-painted. This isn't the only case of Speed Camera's being set alight with firefighters reporting that they are being sent to more and more fires involving speed cameras.

Recently, two men fired shots at a Speed Camera in Melbourne.

Source : expressandstar