Ferrari Faux Pas

How do you make a Ferrari multiply? With the help of one of Adelaide’s infamous Stobie poles of course. A driver and his passenger somehow survived a crash which literally split a five-year-old 360 Modena almost in two when it hit the thick steel pole at alleged high speeds yesterday.
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The two were being treated at Royal Adelaide Hospital for minor injuries, the same can’t be said for the expensive set of wheels, which is estimated to be worth $250,000. According to witnesses and reports in ‘The Advertiser’, the Ferrari was heard “zinging” down Walkerville streets before it came to a crashing halt just before noon.

The male driver in his 30s and his passenger walked from the car which met its fate on Lansdowne Avenue after the Stobie became the third front seat passenger. A local business owner said it was like the driver had “turned the streets into a racetrack”.


As far as write-offs go, this pole dancing Ferrari is at the thicker end of the scale, we only hope he had a good insurance policy and for that matter it was his car, imagine having to explain that to your mate!