The first images of the menacing Aspid GT-21 Invictus supercar have been revealed by the car's high-tech Spanish manufacturer.
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The specifications are impressive. The Aspid GT-21 Invictus will use a BMW-sourced V8 engine that will deliver 336kW and propel the vehicle from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds. Its top speed will exceed 300km/h.

The V8 powerplant is mated to a dual-clutch transmission with paddle-shifters on the steering wheel.

The GT-21 Invictus is a unique semi-open-wheeler design at the front end with a 2+2 configuration and weighs less than 990kg (dry). Handling is said to be extraordinarily good.

It will also benefit from what Aspid is calling “a new-generation of sports car hybridisation", which it claims increases the dynamic performance of the vehicle while being respectful to the environment. Aspid founder and chief designer Ignacio Fernandez Rodriguez says a lot of the technology developed for the GT-21 Invictus will transfer to other road vehicles.

There’s no production line for the Aspid GT-21 Invictus, which will be limited to just 250 examples per year so as to remain exclusive. “Each car will be custom made and hand built in its own production bay. Each client can choose between more than 100 different options, and most customers will want to visit the factory during the build of their personalised car,” Fernandez said.

Several years ago Aspid built the Aspid Super Sport – a similar open design with a raft of new sports car technologies, including a revolutionary new brake system and new electrical architecture.

The all-new GT-21 Invictus will be larger than its predecessor, measuring 4447mm long, 1883mm wide and with a height of 1226mm. The additional size will make the GT-21 Invictus more practical and less compromising than the Super Sport.

The GT-21 Invictus will be manufactured using a blend of aerospace metals and composites for strength and lightness (the chassis weighs just 80kg), as well as an advanced brake system that offers fade-free braking comparable to carbon-ceramic brakes, but without the need to warm them up.

Like the Aspid Super Sport, the GT-21 Invictus will integrate all primary driving functions into the steering wheel. Switches and buttons have been eliminated in the cockpit and replaced by multimedia integration, which the company says will enable the use of brand new technologies previously unseen in the automotive world.

The GT-21 Invictus will be available across an exclusive network of 20 dealers across Europe.