Subaru BRZ sells out in three hours

The Subaru BRZ has sold out in just three hours despite its exclusive online sales process being delayed by a system crash.
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Subaru Australia's unique buying set-up for its new rear-wheel-drive sports car went live 45 minutes late at 12.45pm after the system was overwhelmed by an excess of online customers for the Subaru BRZ all trying to hit the ‘buy’ button at the same time.

Subaru Australia spokesperson David Rowley has confirmed to CarAdvice that its limited supply of BRZs sold out in just over three hours.

"By 3:47pm (EST) today all remaining Subaru BRZs had been sold and that we’re taking orders through to January, when we are due to receive our next allocation," said Rowley.

In the first five minutes of the site going live, there were eight orders and in 90 minutes 50 Subaru BRZs had been sold.

Subaru Australia had to settle for an initial allocation of only 201 Subaru BRZ sports cars of which 50 were dealer demonstrators, 60 were already spoken for with deposits on them, leaving just 91 cars available for purchase online.

When quizzed about the number of BRZs Subaru Australia was expecting in its January 2013 allocation, Rowley told CarAdvice: “We’re currently in negotiations with Japan, but it is too early to tell how many cars we might end up with due to a massive global demand for the car.”

Subaru BRZ customers can continue to place an online order for the car, but without knowing what quantity Australia’s second allocation will be, there is every chance the same sequence of events could occur, leaving lots of disappointed customers with another long waiting period.

Toyota Australia is having no similar issues with its near-identical-twin 86. Toyota is dominating supply of the two coupes by a ratio of 8:1 despite both being built at Subaru's Gunma plant in Japan.