The new Subaru BRZ that will become the brand's only non-all-wheel-drive model in Australia will also be its only vehicle not to be sold in dealerships.
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Subaru Australia has announced it will sell its new rear-wheel-drive sports car exclusively online from Monday (16th July) as a result of severely limited BRZ supply.

The company says global demand for the coupe means it anticipates only about 200 BRZs being available in Australia in 2012. It believes only about 80 to 100 vehicles will be available by the time its online BRZ section goes live on Monday.

The Subaru BRZ consequently comes with national drive-away pricing only, starting at $37,150. It includes free servicing for three years or a maximum of 60,000km.

The company believes the plan is unique for the automotive industry.

“This may well be a world first in terms of being able to complete the entire new car purchase process online,” said Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior.

“We knew we wouldn’t have sufficient BRZs to supply our entire network immediately following the launch.

“High demand with short supply gave us some challenges on how to give our customers the best possible purchase experience.”

Demonstrator versions of the Subaru BRZ, however, will be made available at a selected number of showrooms from its network of 105 dealerships.

Customers still need to use to arrange test drives.

Subaru Australia says the online purchasing process will also allow buyers to arrange a trade-in valuation if they have an existing car.

The full contract is completed on the internet and customers can nominate their preferred dealer for delivery.

Subaru says in the rare instance where a customer doesn’t have internet access they can complete the process on a computer at a Subaru dealership.

There is also a designated Subaru BRZ co-ordinator responsible for liaising directly with BRZ customers.

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