France introduces mandatory breathalyser law

From July 1, 2012 new legislation came into effect requiring every motorist in France to carry a breathalyser kit or risk facing a fine.
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In a bid to reduce the number of drink-driving-related fatalities in France, the new regulations, which exclude mopeds, mean that motorists and motorcyclists will need to travel with two single-use breathalysers or risk an on-the-spot 11-euro ($13) fine.

The legislation differs from Australia's breath-testing system, in which breathalysers are the responsibility of police rather than drivers.

Single-use Breathalyser

French police will carry out random checks on drivers across France including those crossing into the country via ferries and through the Channel Tunnel. A four-month grace period is being given to allow people to adjust to the new law, which will be fully enforced by November 1.

According to reports, alcohol is responsible for at least 30 per cent of fatal accidents in the European country famous for its wine and Champagne.

Breathalysers in France currently cost between 1–1.5 euros ($1.20–$1.80), reports Aljazeera.