Mitsubishi has guarded all the info regarding the Australian release date of Lancer Evolution X relatively well. Initially Mitsubishi representatives told us that the Evo X would not be here till at least middle of 2008, but new reports suggest that the rally car might even make it here before years end!
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This car is set to lift Mitsubishi's image in Australia with the introduction of a WRX matching mid range Lancer, named the Lancer GSR also set to come to Australia. This is really it. This is going to be the next Evo, perhaps with very minor differences to the production model, but it just looks the part. Its aggressive its angry and most importantly, its bloody fast!

Although the Evo is the pinnacle of Mitsubishi engineering, the concept behind the 2.0L turbo charged engine is much the same as when it first went into production in the Galant VR4. Nonetheless, the Evo X will have its engine constructed from aluminium, to save roughly 20kg.

Mitsubishi Evo X

But its not just the looks they've changed, for avid Evo fans, you will notice under the bonnet that the engine is twisted around with the exhaust system put further back close to the firewall, with the induction at the front. Mitsubishi have done this to lower emissions by placing the exhaust closer to the catalytic converters whilst at the same time giving a lower centre of gravity.

Rumours of the Evo X being available in only a semi-manual transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters have thankfully been confirmed as just that, rumours. Whilst the paddle shifts will be available as an added option for the willing, the Evo X will be available in its traditional six-speed manual gearbox setup.

No more news from the Mitsubishi regarding the new Lancer GSR, but we expect to hear more very soon!