E-Go Revolt from Russia with love

Russian coach-building firm E-Go has released the first official images and details surrounding its new Revolt supercar.
E-Go Revolt from Russia with love
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Whilst these details seem preliminary, especially when accompanied by obvious computer generated renderings, production of the Russian sports car has apparently already begun.

Despite its seemingly Green namesake, the E-Go Revolt has lifted a page from Nissan's performance flagship, and is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine churning out over 410kW mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

E-Go Revolt from Russia with love

The platform on which the Revolt is based has been borrowed from Mitsubishi, although exactly which model is unclear - perhaps the Mitsubishi GTO is a new release in Russia?

The Revolt features bespoke 19-inch wheels - 245/40/19 fronts, 325/3019 rears - and are made to order by Japanese firm Work.

E-Go Revolt from Russia with loveE-Go Revolt from Russia with love

Active pneumatic suspension and an impressive brake package consisting for 425mm and 342mm rotors front to back suggest E-Go has high hopes that the Revolt will perform as well as its appearance suggests.

E-Go Revolt from Russia with love

While there are no official images of the interior, the (Russian) press release indicates the electronics systems are controlled through a touch-screen monitor located on the steering wheel.