Smart Car, Dumb Ad?

Well I find it funny! How could you not? This billboard has been popping up around South Africa the last few days and there has been some resentment from the online community (mostly American of course). American nothing? What a wonderful way of advertising a car! Of course the people at Daimler Chrysler in Germany and America didn't seem to be aware of this ad and about 10 hours after it was shown on the net, Daimler Chrysler (who owns Smart) apologized and is withdrawing the ad.
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The smart brand is set for a remarketing campaign as it features predominantly in the new Da Vinci code movie to be released soon. Smart has been moving their giant "Smart Tower" around Australia in the last year or so. The tower which featured Smart cars stacked on top of each other in a very small and compact space was the focus of much attention as you could easily notice drivers turning their heads as they noticed the tower. Smart has always had different ways of advertising their cars!